And the Winners Are…..

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Jan 26, 2011

And the Winners Are…..
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The “Global Dominators” from Eagle Construction lost a combined 23.7 pounds during Week 1 of the Biggest Loser challenge and have already reached 28% of their team goal of 84 pounds.  Team emembers include Kristan Cole, George Franjola, Josh Goldschmidt, David Lohr and team captain Beth Wiegan.  Overall, program participants lost a combined 600+ pounds in the first week of the eight week competition.  
The Shady Grove YMCA staff makes the Innsbrook’s Biggest Loser program possible.  Thanks to their efforts, a donation will be made to the Planting Seeds of Hope Campaign at the conclusion of the program.
Long-time participants Mary Ann Smith and Alice Stewart with Franklin Federal are ready to sign up again for the 2011 Challenge!
Three different weigh-in stations are used to minimize the wait time for participants.
After two weeks of competitive weight loss, the Eagle Construction “Global Dominators” have lost 35.8 pounds of their 84 pound goal which amounts to a total of 3.21% of their starting weight.  Team captain Beth Wiegan says their success is due to the fact that they are highly competitve sales-driven individuals.  “It’s not so much about losing weight, it’s really just about winning.”
The 2010 reigning champions, Apex Hamburglars, have lost a total of 64.7 pounds so far in this year’s challenge in their quest to be a first-time repeat championship team.  Members include James Goose, Jen Hall, Liz Zorch, Jason Simonitis and Rob Zorch.
Half-way through the IBL program, the Global Dominators from Eagle Construction have lost a total of 39.9 pounds – an average of almost 8 pounds per team member.  Their sales-drive is certainly paying off.
After 6 weeks of dieting, exercising and trying to stick to their New Years’ resolutions, Silver Diner rewarded Biggest Loser contestants with some delicious and healthy diner menu items.  Their Farm to Table and Eat Well, Do Well programs provide healthy, local food choices for diner patrons.  
The Dominion “Mega Losers” face off with the Apex “Hamburglars” at the final weigh-in of the 2011 Innsbrook’s Biggest Loser challenge.  These two teams are the frontrunners for the 2011 title.  Winners will be announced on Friday, March 18th.