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Today everyone is talking about “going green,” but this concept is certainly not new to Innsbrook.  Beginning with its planning stages in 1979, the development of Innsbrook was founded on a commitment to the environment and a preservation of green open space since day one.  For over 25 years, Innsbrook has recognized the significance of connecting business to the environment by overcoming development challenges with positive solutions of blending development within the environment.

The Foundation of Innsbrook’s Green Vision

As cited in Innsbrook’s original marketing materials and protective covenants, “Distinctive architecture is enhanced by natural, open areas highlighted by extensive landscaping.   Forty percent of each site must remain natural.  Sites are complimented by views of the park’s three lakes which total over 30 acres.”

Today, Innsbrook continues to set the standard as a master-planned, 850-acre, mixed-use development of which 340 acres
is dedicated exclusively to green open space, including five miles of jogging and walking trails and three major lakes.   This is the founding vision of Innsbrook.

Back in 1982, when Innsbrook proffered with Henrico County, Innsbrook had established an unheard of 40 percent green open space within developed area, and continues to honor that standard.   This far exceeds the U.S.  Green Building Council’s current LEED open space requirements for new construction and major renovations in the United States.

Innsbrook’s green vision can be seen everywhere – the environment is assimilated into the community.  With three lakes, five miles of jogging and bike trails winding through the landscape of carefully designed office space, Innsbrook has an open policy of inviting its resident companies, employees and their families to fish, picnic, participate in group activities or just relax and enjoy the scenery.