Happy New Year!

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Jan 8, 2009

Happy New Year!
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  2009 Innsbrook Foundation

New Year’s Resolution: 

   Visit each Innsbrook Company   

Don’t be
surprised if you get a knock on your door in January, and it is a visitor from
your Innsbrook Foundation!  One of our
2009 New Year’s resolutions is to visit each company in Innsbrook.  We will be delivering some brochures and
information telling you about the 2009 Innsbrook Foundation events and
activities and will request some information about your business so that we may
update our online directory.  Please be
assured that we will only use your company information for internal purposes,
we do not share or sell our contact lists. 
It is important for us to have a contact at every Innsbrook company so
we can inform you of any urgent news, give heads up about unusual traffic
challenges and to update you on all of our fun activities!