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This behind-the-scenes team coordinates some very high-profile community operations, activities and events.  The Innsbrook Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)4 organization with a highly responsible team of volunteers that coordinate and work with the Innsbrook Foundation staff to deliver over 100 events and activities each year.

  • Innsbrook's many business events

The Innsbrook Foundation’s slogan is “Do YOU Innsbrook?” which refers to the ongoing schedule of coordinated events and activities that offer something for just about every person and interest.

There is an organized, year-round schedule of over 100 activities and events – from volleyball and kickball leagues, the annual Richmond Corporate Games, Innsbrook Classic Golf Tournament, and Innsbrook Pumpkin Palooza to numerous clubs and committees, craft shows, walks and runs.  Our signature concert series, Innsbrook After Hours has grown to become Central Virginia’s longest-running mid-week concert series attracting top national acts to the Innsbrook community.

This team, working in concert with the Innsbrook community, promotes the spirit of live, work and play with the goal of growing businesses, helping companies attract and retain the best employees, and enhancing the qualities that companies locating in Innsbrook enjoy.

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For special events and facility rentals, contact Sandy Kuhn at (804) 217-8804 or

 Fun, competition and camaraderie at Richmond Corporate Games

Wine, Beer and Food festivals held annually at Innsbrook

So many events, so much fun, so many memories

Innsbrook After Hours has created a tradition of exceptional entertainment in Richmond