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WE CREATE COMMUNITY.  This is an important part of our brand identity.  There is no doubt that we actually do this when you attend a family palooza, a business networking breakfast meeting, a concert and, certainly, our newest signature event, Taste of Virginia.  In addition to being a great description of what we do, creating community is also a way of thinking and a manner of intentional planning.

  • Innsbrook's many business events

There is an organized, year-round schedule of over 100 activities and events – from Richmond’s longtime annual favorites such the Richmond Corporate Games, Innsbrook Classic Golf Tournament, and iWOW or Innsbrook’s Women of Worth event.  Our signature events include the longest running and Central VA’s most popular mid-week concert series, Innsbrook After Hours, featuring top national acts performing at the Innsbrook Pavilion from May through October.  Other signature events include our new and fast-growing Taste of Virginia celebrating ALL THINGS VIRGINIA and providing attendees with the palate-pleasing benefit of eating food from the finest local restaurants who are competing to be the “Taste of Virginia”.  Folks from across RVA come to enjoy great food, craft brews, wine, live music, plus a celebratory nod to the 4th of July with a stunning grand finale show of Fireworks! In the fall, we continue with our signature, Innsbrook’s Great Pumpkin Palooza which features Richmond’s largest Punkin Dunkin contest and a Battle of Bands, both of which provide a stage for local high school students to share their talents.  Attendees come to enjoy harvest-time favorites such as costumes, great food and seasonal brews.  Innsbrook continues to fill the calendar throughout the year with numerous clubs, networking breakfast meetings, and committees, craft shows, walks and runs.

This team, working in concert with the Innsbrook Foundation Board of Directors and Officers and the Innsbrook Owners Association, promotes the spirit of live, work, play, and ENGAGE with the goals of growing businesses, helping companies attract and retain the best employees, and enhancing the quality of life for those who come to Innsbrook as employees, residents and visitors.  Every event we host or oversee is designed to encourage philanthropic giving and create a sense of community for all who attend.

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For special events and facility rentals, contact Mary Kyle at (804) 217-8804 or 

 Fun, competition and camaraderie at Richmond Corporate Games

Wine, Beer and Food festivals held annually at Innsbrook

So many events, so much fun, so many memories

Innsbrook After Hours has created a tradition of exceptional entertainment in Richmond

Innsbrook's signature culinary event, Taste Of Virginia