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About Innsbrook Governance

Since 1982, Innsbrook has grown to become the size of a small city.  In fact, Innsbrook houses the largest concentration of employees in the region, second only to downtown Richmond.

As Innsbrook grows and adds amenities, services and infrastructure components, the term “governance” embraces the mechanisms necessary to ensure that the standards and commitment to quality continue to protect business investments and, as a result, create value for those companies that have incubated and grown in this community.


From day one, Innsbrook Corporate Center has embraced high standards of governance designed to ensure long-term value for property owners investing in Innsbrook.  Creating standards of governance that respond to the needs and concerns of the companies and the people who make up the Innsbrook community is a goal of the Innsbrook Architectural Review Committee, Innsbrook Owners Association and Innsbrook Foundation collectively.