Innsbrook Green Initiatives

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Virginia Green
Hampton Inn Innsbrook has Been Recognized as Virginia Green

Answering the call to be kinder to our environment, Hampton Inn Innsbrook has been recognized as Virginia Green for its eco-friendly stewardship in energy and water conservation as well as recycling efforts.

Virginia Green is the statewide program that works to reduce the environmental impacts of Virginia’s tourism industry and recognizes businesses that are taking steps to reduce their environmental impact.

Congratulations to Hampton Inn for supporting Go Green, part of Innsbrook’s green vision and ongoing commitment to the environment since day one.

Clean Up day at the Lake
Keeping Innsbrook’s Lakes Beautiful

The Innsbrook Owners Association has established Innsbrook Lake Clean-up Days to help keep our three lakes clean and beautiful.  Scheduled twice annually, these events will be posted on the electronic I-Times calendar and at in the Events and Activities section.  Volunteer to make a difference in your community.

Innsbrook has Teamed up with RideFinders, a Division of GRTC, to Launch Ridesharing Programs

Innsbrook and GRTC Transit System are working in partnership to encourage carpool and ridesharing programs.  By incorporating small changes into our daily routines to carpool, vanpool, ride the bus, walk or bike, we can make a big difference in improving air quality and reducing vehicle emissions in Central Virginia, while saving money.

Click here for details on the GRTC Ridefinders program.

Innsbrook Executives’ Breakfast Club Features Green Speaker

Innsbrook Executives’ Breakfast Club, our monthly breakfast meeting where business neighbors in the Innsbrook community get acquainted and network.  We invite green friendly speakers like Sylvia Wright who speak about topics like “Back to Nature.”

Click here for more information on Innsbrook Executives’ Breakfast Club or to submit a green friendly topic or suggest a speaker.

Go Green Easy Energy-Saving Tips features an article to provide the Innsbrook community with easy energy-saving tips to help fight air pollution, global warming and rising electric bills, both at home and the office.

Click here for article.

Taking Innsbrook to the Next Green Level

As Innsbrook evolves with development enhancements, companies are taking leading
roles in green Initiatives.

Click here to read more.