Innsbrook Town Meetings

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Feb 4, 2008

Innsbrook Town Meetings
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topics discussed at the town meetings included offering an Innsbrook shuttle bus
so employees can travel throughout Innsbrook without using their cars.  Attendees also asked the Innsbrook Owners
Association to contact the GRTC to inquire about a bus line in Innsbrook. 

Safety and
security issues were on everyone’s mind. 
Innsbrook Foundation president, Bruce Kay suggested the attendees should
visit a safety board meeting to find out about all the security measures
Innsbrook makes.  “The Innsbrook Patrol
is an integral part of the Innsbrook Foundation and Innsbrook Owners
Association.  We have foot patrols, bike
and scooter patrols throughout the park. 
The Innsbrook Patrol takes an active interest in providing safety skills
to Innsbrook companies.”  

about events and activities happening in Innsbrook was a main topic of
discussion.  Paul Kreckman, president of
the Innsbrook Owners Association shared with the group one of Innsbrook’s new
communication tools, I-Times.  “I-Times
will be e-mailed to our list of Innsbrook contacts on a monthly basis.  Each month we will highlight different
activities and areas of interest.  For
example, this month we highlighted the Texas Hold’em Tournament coming up in
February.  We believe this will be
another way to get the word out on all the things we are doing at
Innsbrook.”  If you are not on our
I-Times distribution list, please e-mail to be added.

how successful the town meetings were, they will most likely be held on an
annual basis, but you don’t have to wait until the next town meeting to have
your voice heard.  The Innsbrook
Foundation and Innsbrook Owners Association invite you to share your ideas,
voice your concerns, and make comments any time.  Feel free to e-mail about anything concerning Innsbrook.