Landscape Standards

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The Architectural Review Committee of Innsbrook has established minimums for landscape design criteria including, but not limited to: lawn areas, protection of natural areas, irrigation systems, plant materials, drainage and turf type, for the purpose of creating, maintaining, controlling and preserving the properties as high-quality office and commercial centers.   It is important to note that this information package is to serve as a guide and is supplemental to the Protective Covenants and zoning proffers, which are the recorded legal documents.
For questions and submittals about building plans please contact:
Brian Menditto
Phone (804) 747-7800
Fax (804) 965-0164

Please mail or drop off submittals to:
Highwoods Properties
4501 Highwoods Parkway • Suite 400
Glen Allen, VA 23060

Please allow up to 30 days for review of and response to submitted requests.

4.04 Landscaping.

Every Site shall be landscaped according to plans approved as specified herein and maintained thereafter in a sightly and well kept condition.  Once landscaping plans have been approved by Declarant, no tree having a trunk diameter of six (6) inches or more at a point two (2) feet above ground level shall be removed without the prior written consent of Declarant.


The Owner of every Site or part thereof shall landscape and maintain all areas between the property lines and the building, and where such property lines about a Street Right-of-Way, landscaping shall be maintained to the edge of the pavement, or as close thereto as is remitted by the governmental authority owning and/or maintaining it.  The area between paved streets and the setback lines shall be used exclusively for landscaping, except for walks and driveways bisecting the required landscape area, and except for permitted parking areas.


Landscaping as approved by Declarant shall be installed within one hundred twenty (120) days of occupancy, or completion of the building, whichever occurs first.


The Owner of every Site or part thereof shall at all times maintain the required
landscaping in a sightly and well kept condition, including without limitation such replanting and replacement as is from time to time required.  The Owner will provide hose bibs, underground lawn irrigation systems, or other appropriate facilities acceptable to Declarant in the vicinity of the landscaped areas in order to facilitate their maintenance.


Should the Owner of any Site, or part thereof, fail to remedy any deficiency in the maintenance of the landscaping within ten (10) days after written notice thereof, Declarant hereby expressly reserves the right, privilege and license to go on the Site for the purpose of performing, and to perform any maintenance, to make any reasonable improvements and/or to take any corrective action, in landscape maintenance, as Declarant, in its reasonable discretion, shall deem to be required under this agreement, all at the expense of the Owner, and if such cost is not paid Declarant within ten (10) days after written notice to the Owner of the amount, it shall become a lien upon the site and be enforceable as provided in Section 8.10.