Owners Association

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Innsbrook Owners Association
As the non-profit corporation for all the landowners of Innsbrook, the Innsbrook Owners Association’s goal is to ensure the overall architectural harmony and enhance values for all those businesses within Innsbrook.

This shared vision of Innsbrook’s development quality has grown over the years.  Innsbrook is equal to the size and scale of a small city, and the Innsbrook Owners Association’s Board provides the necessary oversight and management of its many amenities, grounds maintenance and daily operations, including property management services, architectural review, administration of association fees and overall park budget.  Such vigilance in sound management practices continues to deliver the highest standards of quality within Innsbrook.

Each owner in Innsbrook contributes funds to the Association based on a budget prepared annually.
Click here for the Innsbrook Owners Association Board of Directors

The Innsbrook Owners Association Board of Directors for 2018:

Walton Makepeace, President
Brian Witthoefft, Vice President
Paul Kreckman, Past President
Blaine Garrett, Secretary
Paul Heckman, Treasurer
Bruce Kay
Sidney Gunst
Michael Blevins
William (Billy) Baker


Funds are collectively used to cover Property Management Services including:


Maintaining “common” areas such as :


  • Lakes, fountains & waterfalls
  • Jogging trails
  • Deck area/picnic areas
  • Mail box/directory area
  • Common area signage
    View 2016 Entrance Sign Update
  • Entrances, medians & bridges
  • Monitoring and enforcing the Covenants and codes of Innsbrook Corporate Center by conducting property inspections
  • Maintaining the records of ownership such as acreage, property management companies and assessments
  • Managing the Innsbrook Corporate Center daily operations budget and capital expenses
  • Establishing and managing vendor contracts
  • Providing administration of insurance policies
  • Acting as liaison with the county, public organizations, Innsbrook Foundation, Innsbrook Board of Directors and President
For questions about property management services please contact:

Brian Menditto:
Phone (804) 290-2169
Contact Property Management Here

The Owners Association Accounting Department is responsible for:
  • Dues collection – bills and collects dues twice a year in January and July
  • Accounts payable
  • Financial record keeping
  • Financial audit
For questions about accounting please contact:

Sheryl Carpenter:
Phone (804) 747-7800
Fax (804) 965-0164