Innsbrook Property Assessments

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The Innsbrook Owners’ Association is a non-profit property owner association operated for the benefit of all Innsbrook property owners.  It is represented and funded by the landowners of Innsbrook.   Each owner in Innsbrook contributes funds to the Association based on a budget prepared annually.   These funds provide for the necessary oversight and property management of Innsbrook’s many amenities, grounds maintenance and daily operations, including property management services, architectural review, administration of association fees and overall park budget.   The Innsbrook Owners’ Association’s goal is to ensure overall aesthetic harmony while preserving and enhancing the value of all businesses within Innsbrook.
Each member is responsible for their share of the total budget based upon the ratio of the number of acres owned by each member to the total number of acres owned by all members.   The amount of assessment is revised from time to time by a meeting of the members called by the Innsbrook Owners’ Association Board of Directors.
For more information on Innsbrook Assessments contact the Innsbrook Owners’ Association at (804)747-7800 or click here