Signage Standards

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The Architectural Review Committee of Innsbrook has established a complete and comprehensive set of sign standards for the purpose of creating, maintaining and controlling and preserving an attractive sign identification system within the park.
For questions and submittals about building plans please contact:
Phone (804) 747-7800
Fax(804) 965-0164

Please mail or drop off submittals to:
Highwoods Properties
4501 Highwoods Parkway • Suite 400
Glen Allen, VA 23060
Please allow up to 30 days for review of and response to submitted requests.

4.05 SIGNS.


All submittals and approvals must be in writing to the Innsbrook Architectural Review Committee including, but not limited to, all shop drawings, designs, color indications and selection, location, landscaping and lighting plans.

After approval by the Innsbrook Architectural Review Committee, all sign installations must meet county requirements and require a County of Henrico, Virginia Building Permit.  For questions or to  apply for a permit, contact the Henrico County Permit Center at (804) 501-7280.



Show location of sign to scale on an official site plan showing property lines, roads, distance lines from building and property.

Indicate on submittal whether the sign is a new sign, a retrofit to an existing sign or a repaint or color change to freshen up an existing sign.

Provide all construction shop drawings with your submittals, including logo or graphics to scale on an actual construction drawing with color indications.

Submit Imron paint sample colors or Pantone Matching System (PMS) color references.

Front, side and top views must be included on all sign shop drawings for approval.

Submit landscape plan with sign plan, showing height of installation above grade and location of sign on site plans.



All signs to be installed above grade not less than 12 inches to allow for berm of earth and landscaping treatment.

All signs must be landscaped.

All signs to be installed must meet county requirements pertaining to height, distance and location.

All signs to be positioned perpendicular to thoroughfare outside of right-of-way, with exact location and positioning to be aproved on site by the Architectural Review Committee.

Signs located on a corner must adhere to sight-distance triangles.