Weight Loss Spurs Food Donation

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Apr 13, 2009

Weight Loss Spurs Food Donation
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Rick Holzbach and Pat Morris from the Central
Virginia Food Bank gladly accepted a donation check of $2,000 presented
by members of the Innsbrook’s Biggest Loser program winning team from
Dominion Power at the April 8th Breakfast Club meeting.  For their
efforts, the team registered a total loss of 151.8 pounds and earned a
cash prize of $1,000.  Rather than spend the money on a new wardrobe,
team members Kent Wietharn, Kerry Basehore, Joe Erb, Paula Larouere and
Viki Armentrout donated their cash prize to the Central Virginia Food
Bank and Dominion matched their donation dollar for dollar.  Director
of Philanthropy, Pat Morris indicated that this generous donation would
provide 10,000 meals.  Both CVFB and Dominion are Innsbrook’s Biggest